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A one-page devotional thought.  

  • Glen Pitts

An Interview with GILCRI, National Facilitator for Children’s Ministries in Nicaragua

1. Q. Many of our Barnabas friends have been following your ministry to the children of Nicaragua. Clearly God has his hand on your life and is using you in some very special ways. You seem to be a natural at this! Can you give us a little background on how God has called, prepared, and guided you to get involved with our Barnabas' team?

A: Since I was little I have worked with my father in the children's ministry. I have felt very identified in that area, God has used the Barnabas Group in Nicaragua to give me a large open door. Since March 2020 I gave up my other jobs as a nurse and working in daycare and went full time to reach children for Jesus. Sometimes I have felt fear, but the Lord gives me the strength I need. God has prepared me for this ministry. Most of the children to which we minister suffer and do not know the Lord. Many wish to have a different life but feel trapped. God has filled me with courage and love for these children. I love to continue fighting for their souls and preaching the word of God to them. If I have learned something it is that the savior of the world is the Lord and the only one who can help us and get us out of where we are. He is our Lord and only hope. I love this ministry that the Lord gave me. He knew what I needed and I am willing to go where he sends me. 2. Q. What areas of ministry are you involved in? A: Evangelism 3:16 Celebrations of Hope with children. We sometimes have 700 to 800 children at these special events. I also visit public schools to distribute the BEE booklet and tell them about Jesus. We have visited more than 35 schools and God continues to open more schools for us. I also use the ABC booklet to help children learn about Jesus and memorize 26 Bible verses. Thousands of children now have this book. Children love these books and God is using them greatly. We also operate six Christian preschools where little children learn about Jesus. I am also involved with benevolence for pastors, missions, and social work for needy people. 3, Q. What areas of ministry do you enjoy the most? A: Evangelism 3:16. I love children. God has helped me to interact easily with children. I feel happy when I am with them. These events are fun and are wonderful times to celebrate and share Jesus. I also love going to schools. Teachers welcome me with open arms to come. 4. Q. How do children generally respond to you in schools and in communities where you are not known? A: They respond with a lot of enthusiasm, confidence, motivation and looking forward to seeing you again. 5. Q. Do you find children generally receptive to the gospel? A: Yes. Very open. They listen to every word I say and show a lot of interest. And they love to receive in their hands the little bee book or the ABCS book or the gospel pamphlet about 3:16. They also take these home to share with their families so the whole family hears about Jesus. 6. Q. You and your sister Alba dress up as clowns. Do you think children relate better to you by doing this? A: Yes, it is a more fun. Having other people with me on my team we can be more effective. We do action stories about Jesus. Often children will get involved with us. We ask them to get involved. Through this means it is a wonderful way to present Jesus with great interest to the kids. 7. Q. Can you share a couple of brief encounters with children that touched your heart? A: In one activity of celebrate hope, we met a young woman who had Down syndrome. We were so impressed to see the great joy that this young woman manifested when she saw us dressed as clowns and acting things out. She approached us, hugged us, kissed us, and wanted a lot of pictures. She applauded us and she wanted to be by our side all the time. We felt so full of joy knowing that God does great things in the hearts of so many people no matter how difficult their problems are. On another occasion we met a child in a wheelchair. When he saw us he approached pushing his chair, he wanted to participate even though it was difficult for him,. However, we integrated him into some games and it was a pleasure for us to see a beautiful smile in His face on that day. He was so happy. God is so incomparable and good. His wonders are great and being an instrument of the Lord is more than a privilege for us. 8. Q. What kind of homes and family situations do most of the children to whom you minister have? A: Most households are not yet Christian. They mostly have low economic resources. And most are Dysfunctional homes. In some cases they are homeless children. 9. Q. Can you give us an idea of ​​their family life? A: Non-Christian homes. They are people who believe in Jesus, but still do not recognize him as their savior. Many children are not motivated to visit a church because they do not have someone to take them or guide them under the word of the Lord. Many many homes are dysfunctional homes. We minister to children who were abandoned by their parents and are in the custody of their grandparents or relatives. Many of these children have a void in their hearts that they want to be filled with love. We know that the one who gives it is our Lord Jesus through us. 10. Q. What tools (printed gospel brochures, etc.) do you find most effective and why? A. One of our most effective tools for Jesus is the little bee book and the ABC booklet. The language that it uses is simple and easy for children to apply it to their lives. The simple prayer included helps them to be able to talk to Jesus with ease. And the values, the texts, and puzzles to be solved all help them learn. They also like the ABC booklet with the colors and wise guy sketches. It is very eye-catching for children. Many thousands of children are now memorizing God's Word that they will never forget. 11. Q. Do you have dreams or aspirations that you feel God has planted in your heart? A. Yes. I would like to see this ministry develop throughout the whole country of Nicaragua and if possible abroad. I would also like to write a book that is aimed at young people to help them follow Jesus better. 12. Q. What would you say is your greatest need? A. I would like to have a permanent team of 5 people with me to take advantage of the many opportunities we have to reach children for Jesus. 13. Q. How can we specifically pray for YOU? A. That God would continue to strengthen me and fill me with wisdom, health and love to continue working in the work of Jesus. I am so grateful to you and the Barnabas Group for giving me this opportunity to be apart of this team and do this ministry. Please thank them all for their prayers and their help to us in so many ways. I pray that we join together to continue working for our Lord, who will support every step we take.

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