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A Note from our Barnabas Team in Nicaragua

Grupo Bernabé Nicaragua together we began the evaluation of the 2 previous visits of our Canadian brothers! In which we first thank God with great joy for their visit to our country, happy for every wonderful moment we share together! We consider that the visit of both groups was a great blessing and contribution to our team and our country.

Each testimony shared, each word of encouragement filled our hearts with joy... The presence of the Holy Spirit in each meeting was wonderful... We can only express our gratitude for your visit and we are anxious that you will soon be able to return to Nicaragua believing that God will work again in great ways!...

We will continue to strive in union with the Holy Spirit, having Jesus as the center of our lives. We ask for your prayers so that God continues to work in our country and the kingdom of heaven continues to expand... Our plans are great because our God is great. ! Deuteronomy 3:24

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