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GOD CHANGED MY LIFE - Francisco Hernandez

My name is Francisco José Carballo Hernández. I was born in San Marcos and I am 57 years old. My Dad used to work in construction and my mom had like a small eating area to be able to make a little money for us. I have 8 brothers and sisters. I am the youngest one. It was hard because I didn’t have everything I need. But with my parents effort I could finished middle school. It was my grandmother that took care of me because my parents were trying to make money for us. I thank my parents for all they did.
I finished middle school in 1980. I got married when I turned 18 and my wife gave me four kids. Soon after that I started going out to parties, drinking, smoking and hanging out with the wrong people and cheating on my wife. After that, I could see fruits of my own behavior. I was married for 33 years. I eventually got divorced because of my addiction. I finished university later on. It is so sad that until now I recognize that my wife worked so hard with me for our four children. I thought that my family was forever but because of what I was doing, I lost them. In 2014 Y 2015, I started to drink more. I would drink sometimes for 15 days without stopping, going so far as to fall asleep on the streets. My life was a mess. My mom suffered a lot because of my addiction.
In the years of 2015 to 17 I went through a lot. I lost my job in legal work that I had for 15 years. I lost everything, so I started drinking even more. My Mom prayed for me and my kids cried for me too. I was doing so many bad things and preferred to hang out with my Friends instead of spending time with my family. I tried to kill myself twice, but every time I tried, the rope broke. I just wanted to die. There were voices that told me that I was not worth it. The demons wanted to kill me. My Law degrees were useless. I was destroyed. That was my life without a future. One day I was lying in my bed and I started crying so hard because of the way I was living, when I heard a voice telling me YOU CAN DO IT. SO GET UP AND DO SOEMTHING FOR YOUR LIFE NOW THAT YOU STILL HAVE TIME. So I took all of my stuff and went to my mom’s house. And someone that was visiting her that day mentioned that there was a place that I could go to change my life. The name of the place was HOPE CENTER. I told my mom that I wanted to go because I wanted to change. In 2019 June 23 I meet Gilcri and Pastor Alejandro. I can tell you that since the first day I felt the change. Pastor Alex become a good friend and helped me so much. He taught me the word of God. It was so hard to change but because of the spiritual help I got there it was so much easier. I felt that I had value as a person. Now I feel happier. My mom is happier and my family. It may be too late for me to have my family back but nothing is impossible with God. The Bible studies that I got at the refuge were a big impact in my life. I am thanking the Lord now because I feel that I am born again. I cannot have the job that I used to have where I was making good money and could do it all, but what I know now is that even though I am making small income I feel with much joy. I share with my mom, grandchildren and more people about the major change Christ did in my life. God took me out of my hell and I know he is alive. This two past years has been a blessing for me. I am so thankful with God, and Pastor Alex’s family and the Barnabas ministry. Christ transforms people and I am a proof of it. There is nothing impossible for God. I share my testimony often with those who are hopeless. Thank you hope center for helping me to change my life. Now I am a sport coordinator with the Barnabas ministry helping young people. I also attend church.
- Francisco Hernandez (April 26, 2022)

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