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A one-page devotional thought.  

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My name is Levi Rosales. I am a missionary and a doctor. I am from Alamikamba, Nicaragua.

One day I was at the Atlantic coast in a far away area, and I saw in most of the homes the 3:16 posters. I was impressed because it was in Miskito language and the Mayagna language also. I got curious about where this material came from. The impact of the posters on the front door of each home was amazing. I asked a brother about where these were coming from. He told me about the Hope Center and gave me the address and phone number. I called and Gilcri from the Hope Center was so nice and friendly.

I am sure you all don’t know and even have any idea of how far this literature has been delivered. I’m in shock about how wonderful this is!

So I decided to request from them more of the literature for my mission trip to Mosawas and other communities close to the rivers far up at the north pacific. They were happy to give it to me.

I pray blessing for all of you that make this possible with God’s help.

April 25, 2022

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