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Testimonial from Gilcri in Nicaragua

We'd like to share another testimonial from Gilcri in Nicaragua.

"Blessings to all on team Barnabas. I write to tell you that God shows his grace upon us. I also want to share a few of the beautiful things He is doing. Genesis is a little girl that eagerly accompanies us to preach the gospel. She is my disciple and loves to be around us all the time. She accompanies me when we go home to home and is eager to share Jesus with everyone. Her love and dedication for Jesus can be seen in everything she does. We cannot stop until everyone in Nicaragua is reached with the good news of Jesus. With God’s help we will continue loving and working for every soul in Our nation. From my heart I tell you that being able to experience this is the most wonderful thing that the Lord makes me feel.

Thank you for praying for us and equipping us with everything we need to do God’s work.

In Christ’s love.


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