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A one-page devotional thought.  

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Beautiful Examples of God at Work

My name is Ana and I am 49 years old. My life was a disaster and I had walked away from God. My economic situation was also bad. I had thought that the world was going to give me happiness. But all it gave me was problems and lots of pain.

One day I was outside of my home cleaning when a group of people came to visit me. They asked me to give them a chance to share about Jesus. I told them I was saved but not living right. As we talked I strongly felt I needed to rededicate my life to God, so I did, right there. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I don’t want to walk away from God anymore. I just want to keep following Jesus.

Thanks for reminding me of John 3:16 that God loves me and gave Jesus to die for me.


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