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A one-page devotional thought.  

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I was so hungry and cold I though that I was going to die alone.

While I was in Nicaragua in early August I got to meet Ervin. Ervin was our designated driver and is one of our trophies of God’s grace. About three months ago he came to know Jesus.

Ervin is a recovering alcoholic. He was rescued from the streets homeless. Today he is part of our residential program at the House of Refuge and has become a willing and dependable helper for Pastor Alex in a variety of ways. You will enjoy his unvarnished testimony below.



Hello everyone. I feel that God is the only Father we have in heaven. We are nothing without Him. He has done a lot for me.

I had a wife with 6 children but i also have 6 more children with another woman i had before i meet my last wife. Only 2 of my kids speak to me the rest of them are mad because of who i use to be.

I started as a driver then i had the opportunity to get my own vehicles. I used them for public transportation. Then I started drinking and hanging out with other women. I lost my wife and children. My ex wife took all of my vehicles and kicked me out of my house. Then after having an alcohol overdose I had an stroke and before long I was living in the streets. I got in a fight with a woman i use to be with after my ex wife left me. Her daughter was not in agreement with me dating her mom and so her daughter kicked me out of the house as well.

I Went to live at the street after that and my life went from bad to worse. It was so hard. People used to give me some food sometimes so instead of me eating it i used to exchange the food with alcohol. I started drinking with out no stopping.

But there was a day when i decided to say this is it. I cannot keep living like this. I have a friend who is a police. She was so nice with me when i was sleeping at the street. She gave me food etc. So one day I asked her about if she knew a place where i could change my life to be better. And she just looked at me and gave me a big hug and told me she knew a place. So that it is how i came to the house of refuge. She brought me here and introduced me Pastor Alex. Since then i just feel at home here. And I have been helping pastor Alex driving for a bit now. I take him everywhere and also i guard the hope center. It is a pleasure for me to help here. I believe that the people that the Lord placed into my path were those who the Lord was going to use to rescue me from were i was.

Now i can say that the police officer, pastor Alex and you Brother Glen are angels sent by God. I thank you for helping me to get out of the worst life i ever had. If it wasn't for all of you i could be dead by now. But this is the Lord’s time for me. For my future i just want to find me a good job and find someone that i can share my life with with God’s help. Now i just don't want to be away from God’s hands. Jesus has changed my life. This is a second chance for me and i don't want to let him down.

Thank you for everything. All this is just the beginning of what the Lord is going to do for me. KEEP UP YOUR GOOD WORK FOR THE LORD.


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