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A one-page devotional thought.  

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Testimony from Roberto Martinez

" I am 50 years old and I have been in a wheelchair for many years. My house is a very humble house in the west of Nicaragua. I live by myself. The name of my community is Chinandega. Because of my health condition I can't keep my house clean and do other chores. My home is situated between two churches. But no one from those churches has come to ever visit me.

One day I was in my wheelchair outside my home just thinking about my life. I saw a group of people coming straight to me. One of the men in the group started talking to me about Jesus. I really didn't want to listen to him. He then asked me about how I was and if I needed prayers. We talked back and forth for about ten minutes. Then another guy in the group asked me "Are you okay sir? Tell me about your situation." Then he held up to me a 3:16 poster with some words on it. As he read it to me I just started crying. I couldn't stop crying. The man's name was Martin. He is a pastor. He then said to me let's go inside your home. When he saw the mess of my house he called the rest of the group that was with him to come over and help me clean my home. I started crying again. And I told them yes. After they cleaned up my home the man asked me if I know Jesus as my savior? I told him no but I want to right now.

Of all of the christian people gathering next to my home in those two churches only your 3:16 group seemed to care about me. I asked this pastor to give me the 3:16 poster. I have now in my home. The hope that this poster brought to home is awesome. It was through these people I now know Jesus. Since that day I know Jesus loves me. I feel very different inside. I say amen and glory to God.

I hope the 3:16 people keep going and keep walking for Jesus."

From Roberto Martinez in Chinandega, Nicaragua

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